Quadragen VetHealth Private Limited is an Animal Health company, with an objective to discover, develop and make available innovative products for the Animal health industry. Being a company solely dedicated to Animal health, Quadragen aims to enhance farmers gain, ensure the growth and healthy lives of the entire community. Founded in September 2010, in Bangalore by a team of highly experienced stalwarts of the Animal Health Industry, Quadragen today has state-of-the-art manufacturing hubs, which caters to a wide range of global businesses all over the globe.

Innovation the core strength of the Quadragen team inspires new products and services for valuable business growth and sustenance. Quadragen possesses one of the largest Halquinol manufacturing facilities in the world. The maintenance and upgrading of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Hassan, Karnataka is a major part of its activities. We are the largest manufacturers of Halquinol in India.

Our mission and values

  • To become a shining star amongst animal nutrition companies in the world by, Delivering safe and efficacious products for the animal healthcare. Identifying the need of customers and providing innovative products to satisfy them.