First in the world to introduce resveratrol in Animal industry

We are the first company in the world that introduced the concept of resveratrol in animal nutrition. Free radicals that affect animals are neutralized by potent antioxidant and proprietor molecule Reservet

World's largest Halquinol manufacturer

We have a state-of-the-art single manufacturing facility where we produce Halquinol for export all over the world. Spanning 7 acres of the facility, a self container that not only produces the best Halquinol in the world but also the most. The GMP facility has an in-house R&D and we work on the quality of the product constantly.

ANBIOT technology

Constant innovation has resulted in a unique technology for the extraction of a phytonutrient named ANIBIOT Technology Patent applied extraction with this happens using natural solvents and without using any chemical the phytonutrient product developed provides phytonutrients with these non-contaminated feed additives for the livestock.