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3 QUINOL (Chlorohydroxyquinoline 60%) a quinoline derivative is a time tested Non-Antibiotic Growth Promoter. Globally accepted in the animal industry as a growth promoter in species like poultry, swine, calves and also aqua. It has a triple activity Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-protozoal. 3 Quinol is used in the animal industry as a safe and reliable growth promoter.


Amino acids, Vitamins, and Minerals are the most essential requirement for growth promotion in broilers and increased production in layers. R MINVIT fulfills the “ideal-protein” concept. Along with an
array of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, R MINVIT is enriched with Reservet.
Polyphenol molecule, Reservet acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent. Management
of off-feed condition, stress, and poor growth could never have been simpler.


De-stress your flock with Dololyte. Dololyte comes with heat busters in the form of super coolers (ASA). Electrolytes and spores of lactobacillus help cope with summer stress during high summer temperatures, transportation stress, and debility due to disease. In addition Reservet, in Dololyte is particularly active in stimulating the function of immunogenic organs in heat stressed birds.


OLACID plus contains the optimum blend of buffered organic acids and essential oils. The appropriate combination of 5 major elements synergistically works to control the pathogen load by reducing the pH of drinking water and the gut. Olacid plus liquid controls and prevents contamination of drinking water, while Olacid plus dry in feed. Water acidifiers help reduce pathogen load, promote the digestive process and help enhance nutrient absorption further promoting the proliferation of normal gut flora.

Olacid dry
Olacid Liquid


Acidification is a novel concept introduced into modern Poultry management practices. Acidification has proven to be an efficient alternative to antibiotics. SGS dry is a feed acidifier, that affects Bacteria such as; E. coli, Salmonella, and Pseudomonas. It also makes conditions favorable for useful microorganisms like Lactobacilli and Streptococcus to colonize in the gut.

* This product is exclusively for sale in Bangladesh

Olacid Liquid
Olacid dry


RESERGEN introduces a new concept to Immuno-modulation. Resergen along with Vitamin E and Selenium is enriched with RESERVET and unique essential oils. Along with Vitamin E and Selenium, Reservet is proven for its anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, and immunomodulating action. Essential oils in Resergen further act as a carminative and its antibacterial property has added activity during immunomodulation.


Growing restrictions to the use of antibiotics create opportunities for more public-friendly nutritional additives that can also improve performance, but use a different pathway. Mineral chelates have different involvement in metabolism as compared to inorganic sources, promoting, among other benefits, better mineral uptake and enhancement of the immune response. In this situation, GLYMIN provides the best glycine chelates for the animals.


Every day in poultry encounters potentially harmful disease-causing organisms like bacteria or viruses. Yet most of the poultry birds are still able to function properly without constantly being sick. That’s because the body requires a multilayered immune system to keep it running smoothly. The two main classes of the immune system are innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Where we have forgotten Innate immunity. But Quadragen comes up with a very unique product INNATE which mainly provides innate immunity against Salmonella, E. Coli, and Campylobacter.